Who We Are

STRATEGIC PUBLIC AFFAIRS® is not your typical government relations or PR shop. We develop a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business objectives, processes, challenges and growth opportunities. Our goal is to engage in long-term, effective relationships with our clients, not only to solve current problems and challenges, but also to better position the client for the future. We see our most important roles as 1) protecting shareholder value and 2) mitigating the client’s social and political risk using a broad scope of services.

Whether your savvy government relations or communications department wants an extension of their team, or you need counsel on any matters, make Strategic your public affairs partner.

Strategic, resilient and relentless, we will do whatever we can, within our value system, to serve our clients’ business goals.


    We provide our clients with the tools and solutions that enable them to mitigate social and political risk by helping them navigate and manage the maze of government, the media and various stakeholders. The client’s business success is our goal.


    We believe that success in the Public Affairs arena comes from thinking strategically, nurturing relationships, being resilient and creative, and never resting until our clients’ objectives are met.


    Integrity: Do the right thing
    Urgency: Act today, not tomorrow
    Ownership: Act like you own the company
    Alignment: When our clients win, we all win
    Innovation: Think outside the box

Our History

Strategic Public Affairs was founded in 2000 to provide business leaders with the means to evaluate and affect how government, the public, and the media impact both their company goals and commerce in general.

Through the years Fortune 500 clients across a number on industries with names like Philip Morris, Cheniere and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners have turned to Strategic for government relations and communications counsel.

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