Supporting Brand Awareness through PR

Supporting Brand Awareness
Supporting Brand Awareness Through PR

Establishing your brand is one of the most important things you can do to achieve success for your company.   Your brand identifies who your company is and how you want to be perceived by customers.   A strong brand can make or break a product or service.  It helps build relationships with customers, and it differentiates you from competitors.   Managing your brand is key to your reputation and profits.   Public relations is imperative in helping brand your company.

Your brand needs to convey:

  • Your story – why are you in business
  • Your product or service
  • Communicate your values
  • Build trust

Here a few key ways to build your brand.

Traditional Media

Traditional TV and print media are great ways to tell your story.  First, determine your audience and pitch your story to the correct outlets.  If you are looking to gain customers for your food delivery service, your target market is going to be different than if you are selling a product for the oil services industry.   Ensure you build relationships with reporters and outlets that fit your target audience.  Second, tell your story connecting it with the viewers or readers.  Leave them with an action step or reason to learn more about you.

Supporting Brand Awareness
Supporting Brand Awareness Through PR

Social Media

According to Social Media Today, the average person will spend two hours a day on social media, with teens spending up to nine hours a day on social platforms.   With these statistics, it is critical that your brand is active online.

A relevant, fresh, up-to-date website is vital to building credibility.  It is also essential that your website connect easily with your social media outlets.  When posting content on social media, look for ways to tell your story and stay consistent in messaging.   The majority of users want their engagement in social media to teach them something, inspire them, or entertain them.   Find ways to connect with your followers and give them a story linking them to your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Somewhere in between traditional media and social media lay blogs and influencers.   Building relationships with the right influencers and bloggers can go a long way to building your brand and creating crucial credibility.  Keep in mind that working with most influencers will require a budget, but with less third-party content allowed on social media channels such as Facebook, influencer marketing may be a smart way to brand.


Participating in public events is another fantastic way to engage the public and brand your product or service.   As a sponsor of an event such as a sporting event, charity gala, or business conference, your name and logo will be made available to a wide audience.   A couple of ways to participate are through underwriting levels or providing promotional items in the goodie bags.

Thought Leadership

Do not overlook the idea of hosting your own event.   By managing a breakfast, dinner, speaker, or reception, you and your company have the opportunity to shine as experts in your field and provide information on your product or service.

By supporting your brand management with PR tools and tactics, you and your company can tell a successful story, increase profits, and build a stellar reputation.