What is Public Affairs?

No company or industry operates in a vacuum. Government, in all forms, can and will affect your business. For better or for worse. Elected officials aren’t the only people you must understand and influence. Citizen groups, homeowners, professional organizations and the media can all impact business success. An effective public affairs team will help you appropriately engage, hear and address the needs of these audiences.

You need to know how to create the kind of change you desire, manage change when necessary and defend against it if it poses a risk to your investors, shareholders, industry, community or employees. Not to mention your bottom line.

Navigating this maze of ever-changing parties requires strategic planning and usually a combination of lobbying, stakeholder outreach, coalition building, risk analysis and mitigation and effective communications.

Why you should partner with us

No matter where your business takes you in the U.S., Strategic Public Affairs® can engage and influence government and all relevant stakeholders. But lobbying and other services are just part of what we offer. Our philosophy dictates that:

  • Your business goals define everything, and success is measured by how well we help you achieve them.
  • Your initiatives benefit from our full range of government affairs and communications services.
  • You get strategic planning and creative thinking, because there are many ways to advance your cause.
  • You get a relentless, resilient partner willing to exhaust all options.

Our schedule is year round, not just during a legislative session.

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