Communications and Public Relations

Whether shaping policy for an organization or raising awareness of a company’s brand, we assist clients in navigating the maze of communications and the media using impactful and deliberative PR tactics. The way companies and business communicate with stakeholders has changed dramatically in recent years. We take a strategic and targeted approach in how we help clients communicate and tell their stories. Be it with the media, policy leaders, the general public, an industry or customers, we provide the effective communication strategies and content to accomplish the client’s goal.

Furthermore, we recognize the growth of Spanish language media and provide bi-lingual communication services.


We help clients effectively communicate with the media on public policy issues and corporate messaging. We provide briefing materials, press kits, letters to the editor, op-eds and by-lined articles. In addition, we organize meetings with editorial boards, press tours, press conferences and develop talking points to respond to media inquiries.


A client’s message is at the center of their strategic plan, regardless of whether it is about public policy, corporate issues or stakeholder engagement. Having a concise and well thought out message is critical. We develop and fine tune that message for clients.

Over time the message may need to evolve and change depending on the circumstances, the mood of various audiences or the overall media environment. As these conditions change, we work with our clients to change and shape the message appropriately.


Often times outside trends and conditions, as well as internal and external stakeholders, create risk and uncertainty for a company. This may come from regulators, policy leaders/politicians, special interest groups or NGOs. The risk and uncertainty can threaten a project, acquisition, investment or reputation.

We will actively monitor and assess emerging trends or direct threats to a client or their industry and determine how serious it is. We will then develop a plan of action to respond to the risk, whether it is a proposed policy issue, opposition to a project or a client’s overall business. We help the client manage issues to communicate their side of the story, minimize risk, mitigate or shape the issue and ultimately protect their bottom line.

Crisis Communications

We help clients prepare for a crisis through advance planning and training, including development of crisis communications plans and procedures. Additionally, we assist clients in managing organizational crisis through a rapid and centralized process to minimize damage to a company’s public image.