Stakeholder Outreach

We identify the possible uncertainties that could come from any organization or individuals who may oppose or create challenges to a project or an asset being acquired. Prior to engaging stakeholders, political risk analysis is performed during the due diligence and development phase of a project or prior to the acquisition of or investment in an asset. Just as a company does due diligence to identify commercial, financial and legal risks, we identify political and social risks.

Today, external stakeholders have a powerful ability to influence business operations and projects. Through social media, stakeholders have gained significant new and immediate outlets to express their views, which if divisive, will negatively impact projects or business developments. Increasingly, even non-local stakeholders have a voice in how businesses may operate or how projects develop. Effective stakeholder outreach throughout a project or business lifecycle is essential to ensuring a successful project or continued production of an asset.

We work with clients to develop effective strategies and successfully communicate with all stakeholders. We identify key stakeholders, their potential issues, develop effective strategies to address stakeholder needs and work with the client to mitigate any risks posed by stakeholders. The bottom line is that if stakeholders are not heard and their concerns are not addressed, the business operations or the project will become more costly, may incur delays, or could fail.